Are you heading to a festival or two this summer? If you’re anything like us then you’ll already have your tent, supplies and tickets sorted, which just leaves the much more important issue – what to wear? Luckily for avid fashionistas heading to festivals this summer, the art of festival wear has been perfected over the past decade to a tee. Thanks to the likes of celebrities like Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner we now know exactly what to wear to look good yet stay comfortable. To help you with your packing, here is our Ten Essential Items of Festival Wear for 2015.


#1: Wellington Boots


Depending on where you are festivalling this summer you to wear some sturdy foot wear. Unless you’re guaranteed then wellington boots are a must for muddy fields and potential rain showers.


#2: Oversized Sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses are a must for festival wear as they protect your peppers from the sun during the day time. Sunglasses can make an outfit and also help to hide your tired, partied-out eyes too.


#3: Denim Shorts


You really can go wrong with a good pair of denim cut away shorts for festival wear. Denim shorts are a great choice if you are wearing boots and are super comfortable too.


#4: Oversized Shirt


An oversized shirt looks great paired with a pair of shorts, its light enough to carry out and can be easily tied around your waist. It can also keep you protected from the sun if you’re fair, or keep you warm when the whether starts to chill in the evening time.


#5: Knee Socks


If you are wearing boots then knee socks are also a must. Not only will the keep your feet warm and dry, they also look great and can be colour matched to any outfit.


#6: Tea Dress


For anyone who doesn’t like wearing shorts, or wants a more feminine flair to their outfit, then tea dresses are great choice for festival wear. Tea dresses look great teamed with boots too.


#7: Vintage Prints


Incorporating some vintage prints into your festival packing can help set your outfit apart. Vintage prints can be incorporated using scarves, dresses or tops.


#8: Boho Sac


A leather bag or a boho sac can be a great statement piece for your festival outfit. Think brown leathers, Aztec prints and lots of tassels too.


#9: Jewellery


All types of jewellery are popular for festival wear, particularly bangles, long-line necklaces and hair jewellery. Just remember that there is a possibility jewellery might get lost, so it’s best to stick to inexpensive costume jewellery.


#10: Raincoat


If you’re heading to a festival this summer and there is even the smallest chance of rain, don’t forget to pack a pocket raincoat. If it rains you’ll want to keep the rest of your outfit nice and dry.

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