This summer is set to be a scorcher, so if you have made pool party plans or are off on vacation you’ll need to sort out some serious swimwear. There are lots of great new and familiar fashions in swimwear this summer, and our team have been religiously watching the catwalk collections for the latest fashion. To help you decide what choose this year, here are our top picks for what’s Trending in Swimwear this summer.


#1: Boho Bikinis


This summer is all about that’s 70s style. Boho inspired bikinis are in with crochet knits, fringing and Aztec prints.


#2: 3D Printed Swimsuits


Not many retailers have 3D printed and photographic patterned swimwear in their stores yet, its one of the hottest swimwear trends for this year, so if you see one don’t let it pass you by.


#3: Cut Aways


Cut-away suits are back for another year of swimwear fashion. With designs getting more complicated each year, they’re not the most practical option for even tanning to do look stunning.


#4: High Neck Tops


This year high neck bikini tops are in, they are a great choice for a more youthful or sporty look and at last something that works for smaller chested women.


#5: Long Sleeves


Thanks to designers like Cia Maritima and Agua de Coco swimsuits and bikinis now have sleeves too. This might be good news to some, but a long sleeved suit might be too warm for most of us.


#6: High Waisted Bottoms


Vintage styles inspired by the 1950s last year have filtered through to a rise in high waisted bottoms all round this year. This style is now available with a wider range of prints and tops too.


#7: Sheer Swimwear


This might not be a trend for most of us, but sheer swimwear and sheer panelling and netting is definitely a new trend for 2015 swimwear.


#8: Flounces and Flutters


Bikini tops with flounces and swimsuits with fluttery sections of material are making a come back this year. This style is a great option for any one with the curves to pull it off.


#9: Leather Suits


If you want your swimwear to be unconventional and stand out this year then why not opt for a leather suit. There are a range of high end options for leather in swimwear this year, but be warned they don’t look all that comfortable.


#10: Mismatched Bikinis


Gone are the days of matching two pieces, this summer is all about mix matched bikinis. A perfect choice for holidays as multiple styles of bottoms can be paired up with the same top.

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